kalamata olives

word to the wise, unless you want a 15 minute phone call, from a frustrated husband in the middle of a crowded grocery store don't send him to buy kalamata olives. don't.

"how about YOU do the grocery shopping from now on & i will call YOU & send YOU on a hunt!"

he did however understand that a mediterranean chicken wrap wouldn't be "mediterranean" without the kalamata olives.

oh how i love him. :) 


glass bra sneakers

What a morning! Woke up to the sound of a moving van outside the apartment as I was headed to the bathroom for the 10th time since last night. While on the toilet, yet again {ah the joys of pregnancy}, I hear Casey's truck alarm going off. How I could hear this is a miracle, seeing as how we're on the 3rd floor!

"Is that the truck alarm??" I yell through the bathroom door.
"Yeah..." he grumbles.
"Sorry to bother you, is that your green truck out there?" a man banging on our door as if he's the IRS asks.

Suddenly alone in the apartment I'm frustrated, but confused as to why. Is it the police car blocking in the truck to which the driver's side window is completely shattered or the hideous red cover on Casey's cell phone. I'll let you decide.

I'm in the bedroom fighting with my new racerback bra when i'm greeted by my husband who demands that i "wear sneakers, there is glass everywhere." 

He was pre-occupied with the damage to his first love that he failed to realize that sneakers were the last thing on my mind. it's general knowledge to the female species that one does not leave the house without a bra on. this fact is meaningless to a husband who's been informed that our vehicle was the 13th break in & that his beloved PS2 is gone.

I had the privileges of spending the day dealing with humidity while being pregnant, the glass company to fix said damage, our insurance agent, a sleu of police detectives, the ever so efficient manager of our aparment complex, anticipated rainfall {during the middle of the glass repair}, the beloved nausea of pregnacy & the scheduling department of my OB's office.

Great day, huh?? {not so much}