our "command center" clarified..

"command centers" or "mommy's central station" are a pivotal element in busy households, however upon occasion they can be a complete disaster when functionality & organization are non-existent.

the hardest thing for us is changing needs, as i imagine it is in every household.

when we moved into our 2 bedroom apartment i was pregnant with our son & a year & 20 days later we welcomed our daughter. with my husband constantly deploying, his shift changing, countless doctor appointments, maintaining bills, vacations {what are those??} out of town family visiting & keeping track of mundane things our 4 monthly wall calendar was created.

originally, i had 2 monthly calendars, along with a yearly wall calendar on the bulletin board. as the end of the 1st month ran out i put those dates on the 2nd calendar & replaced the 2nd with the next month. but when i needed to plan ahead i found that having 4 monthly calendars was a lifesaver.

bulletin board of 4 montly calendars,  pencil cup, 2 wall mounted mail organizers, standing magazine/cookbook holder, my son's car chair from grandma & grandpa, hats, hoodies & last years halloween outfit {because you never know when you need to be a monster!}

i create my own yearly calendar {in a monthly format} in a word document & i tailor it to my needs. to make it fun i choose a cool font & vary the colors for months/seasons/holidays. makes sense? our bills are listed on the date they're due.  for example: t-mobile $120.

doctors appointments are written in the shortest format, as space is limited. i put the time first, child, dr name, reason for apt & location {if that office has several locations}.

like: 0930 ella dr wright weight check

all of the times on our calendar are in military time as we're a military family. it might seem confusing @ first, but once you get accustomed to it you won't want to switch back. it avoids confusion as to am, pm??

our calendar is also color coordinated. i chose bold colors that are easily visible on our white printer paper.

bills: green
doctors appointments: orange
holidays: red {occasionally i alter this for the holiday}
birthdays: purple
son's stuff: blue
daughters stuff: pink
household/reminders: black

we have a grey pencil cup holder attached to the wall {with 3m mounting tape} it was purchased at target & holds more than enough pens.  i like how the divider keeps the pens from falling over the place.

below the bulletin board are 2 white mail organizers that are attached to the wall with molly's & screws.  the 3 hooks hold a hoodies , hats, etc. for $17 a piece at target they were a steal!! & much cheaper than pottery barn.

one holds scrap printer paper that would normally be trashed but gets re-used for to-do lists, shopping lists, reminders, phone notes, etc.

the other holds important papers for upcoming doctor appointments, our rent check & anything else that is critical {like notices from out apartment office about working being done that week}. everything else gets filed away in my desk.
the last piece of our command center was a serious steal. it's our magazine rack/cookbook holder. i found on a whim at our local home goods {oh how i love that store!} although it was the wrong color. that was quickly changed after 2 coats of benjamin moore's texas leather.

then....... way too school teacher for my taste. apple anyone?

now.... sleek & simple.  holding my most used cookbooks

since i bought it on impulse i had no idea where to put it or if it would be a perfect fit in a particular spot. actually i remember telling myself that i didn't need it & put it back on the shelf, but then somehow it ended back in my cart as i told myself if i didn't buy it i'd always regret it. i was very much right. i love it & would love to find another match :)

to my luck it is a perfect fit behind our  laundry room door at the end of the kitchen & the door doesn't hit it when it opens. so voila, wasted floor & wall space is used to the best capacity!!

so there you have our command center. it works for us & is never a mess. i'm not an expert on organization, but the one thing i've learned is that you have to find a system that works for you & your family & one that you'll be able to maintain.


my sincere apologizes as last night's post wasn't posted as promised. things are subject to change when your 7 month old has a fever & your 19 month old has declared war on life in general. :(

the post will be up this evening..

in the mean time, it's hard to believe our sweet little ella was born 7 months ago! where has the time gone??

in just 5 months we'll have both a 1st & 2nd birthday party. time to start planning!! any theme suggestions for either??


keeping our circus organized

earlier today i posted  on pampers facebook page about how i stay organized. several ladies seemed shocked at such an accomplishment & requested proof {pictures}.

stay tuned for tonight's post about our "command center" with a complete breakdown. for now enjoy these images!!