target renovates

Join me through the chaos, I encountered today at my soon to be least favorite store, Target.

One word: renovations 

Meaningless to those who don't have children or have to shop with them. A nightmare to any & all parents who fool themselves into thinking it's possible to get in & out of a store in 20 minutes when you really need double triple that amount of time.

Not only is it hard enough to shop with 2 children but factor in being an entertainer for your trapeze artist 15 month old son, trying to calm your crying 3 month old daughter,  all while foaming at the mouth in search of a suitable father's day card & it'll send you into a frenzy. As if the near 100 degree weather & humidity wasn't enough to do so already!

As a result of these renovations:
  1. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get in & out as you can't find anything!! NOTHING is where it used to be!! {this adds about 15 30 unnecessary minutes to our pleasurable shopping trip}
  2. We accidentally went down a wrong aisle but couldn't turn the cart around because you CAN'T!! It's physically impossible for 2 carts to pass each other in certain aisles. This is NOT handicap accessible & will most definitely be my favorite time during the holiday season!
  3. If you can make it down an aisle the shelves aren't stocked. So much for the brand new picture frames that we couldn't buy.
Note to Target & any other mass retailer: before re-arranging the shelves or renovating have a test panel of Mom's {Dad's that actually shop with kids as well} do a mock trial of your proposed idea. I guarantee to you the answer will be,

              "No!! Leave everything the way it is!!!"

I now understand why my Mom used to lose it {& upon occasion let the grocery store manager have it} when she couldn't find what she needed when in a hurry, because to her, there is no justifiable reason to constantly re-arrange the shelves in a grocery store.